Club picnic

The Mason Dixon Bernese Mountain Dog Club

We welcome Berner owners interested in helping to improve the breed and all those who appreciate the exceptional qualities and companionship offered by Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The Mason Dixon Bernese Mountain Dog Club serves the Berner community north and south of the Mason Dixon line.Halloween Berners Our membership is not restricted to this region; we welcome members from anywhere in the country.

The MDBMDC has meetings four times a year - two in the fall and two in the spring. Meetings typically are held in conjunction with events such as Fall Fun Day (usually a dog walk and other dog/people activities) and Spring and Fall Fun Matches. We also schedule Tailgate Parties after various dog shows.

If the love of Berners and having fun are goals you share then consider joining us.

costumed Berners

Take a look through our website for club events, information on the breed, Berner Rescue, Berner Health, training tips, Bernese breeders, and links to reliable resources that will help you gain a good understanding of the Bernese Mountain Dog.